Aston Martin gives us the beans of multimedia on the 2013 AM 310 Vanquish, complete with videos

While most of us were occupied by Sunday NFL Football games on the big screen*cough*yeah Jets!*cough*, Aston Martin decided release some more eye candy for the world on the 2013 AM 310 Vanquish. And well, just look at it. Unveiled earlier this summer, the 2013 AM 310 Vanquish continues the mission of the original V12 Vanquish model.

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Though the new one sports a far more chiseled and fluid design, one that dons the sexy and suave, yet subtly aggressive excellence that we’ve come to expect and love from the small British sports car brand.

Of course, powering the 2013 AM 310 Vanquish is an updated version of the brands much beloved 6.0L V12 that brings sex to the ears…at least for us car nuts…no pun intended.

Check out the new eye candy after the jump and in our gallery section.

Refresher: Power for the Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish comes from a 6.0 liter V12 engine 565-hp at 6,750 rpm with a maximum torque of 457 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm. Mated to a rear-mid mounted, 6-speed Touchtronic 2 automatic/sequential manual gearbox, 0 to 62 mph comes in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 183 mph.

By: Chris Chin