Buick ambient lighting technology advances with new Enclave

Buick is introducing new interior lighting technology for its 2013 models that bring together the luxury of ambiance and the functionality of features.

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Ice Blue lighting will be incorporated into all the 2013 models, with special technology used for luxury models and SUV’s. Buick used the comfort of a lavish home as inspiration for its upholsteries in the past, and is now using that same inspiration for the lighting. For luxury models, the lights will glow discreetly from the headliner, while in larger models like the Enclave the lighting is more pronounced, and runs along the dash. Additional light sources include the cup holders and center console.

“If you look in a modern, high-end home at night, the major light sources like TVs are complemented by soft, evenly distributed interior lighting,” said Chris Fusco, interior experience manager for Buick Design. “Likewise, we’re creating a warm, inviting driving experience at Buick by tying the bright output of gauges and our IntelliLink connectivity touchscreens together with soft, Ice Blue lighting spilling out from hidden sources.

Buick feels this is an important factor since infotainment system displays are growing larger and more intricate, and can become an eyesore if the rest of the design is not executed properly. The automaker says it will continue to focus on it going forward.

By: Alexandra Koken