2013 Hennessey VR1200 is a beastly 1,226 hp CTS-V Coupe

Hennessey has added another vehicle into its stellar collection of tuning projects with its heavily modified and impressively executed Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.

After a slew of engine upgrades, encompassing everything from forged aluminum pistons to the tuning house’s own VR1200 Camshaft, stainless steel turbo downpipes and exhaust system and an adjustable boost controller, just to name a few, the final output reaches over 1,000hp.

A total of 1,226 engine horsepower hits the rear wheels at 1,066hp, while the 1,109 lb-ft of torque the engine produces makes its way to the pavement at 964 lb-ft. It should come as no surprise that the it takes only 2.9 seconds to reach the 0-60mph mark, and 10.2 seconds to run a ¼ mile, with a 242mph top speed to boot.

The tuning house also upgraded the transmission and brakes, and dropped the car by 1” all the way around, among other mods.

On the inside Hennessey gave the CTS-V coupe an alcantara headliner, upgraded leather and stitching, custom headrests and floor mats and carbon fiber door sills.

Exterior mods, apart from the hood, remain subtle, but the model is fitted with a set of the tuner’s own wheels, sized 20×10 inches up front and 20×13 in the rear, wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires.

A total of 12 units will be produced, but the VR1200 kit is also coming up for both the wagon and sedan variants.

Many forgettable tuning efforts come and go, but this is the kind of package that stands out from the crowd, embodying the essence of what, in my opinion, a tuner car should be: power, performance and function done right.

-By: Alexandra Koken