Future highway patrol cars will be the center of 2012 LA Auto Show Design Challenge

Every year during the LA Auto Show Press Days, The Design Challenge is held, which, for the past nine years, a new theme is chosen for major auto design houses to compete for the best new idea.

This year, the challenge presented is to design a Highway Patrol Vehicle for 2025. Judging for the challenge will be based upon the design meeting future needs and how creative of a solution the designers provide, speed, agility and functionality for future freeways, advanced powertrains, alternative fuel usage, size and how environmentally friendly it is.

Competing design studios include major U.S., German and Japanese names, with automakers BMW, GM, Bentley, Hyundai, Honda and Subaru.

Judging the contest are a panel of design school directors and executives, and include a guest judge, Bruce Meyer, a California Highway Patrol board member.

The event is Sponsered by Faurecia, world’s sixth-largest automotive supplier, Dassault systems and the Association of Nonwoven Fabrics Industry and Lacks Enterprises.

I’m sure we will be seeing some interesting, over the top concepts from the design houses, this should be an interesting challenge.

-By: Alexandra Koken