Report: Porsche’s latest MSB platform to underpin all future Bentleys

In lieu of the fairly recent marrying of Porsche and Volkswagen AG, AutoCarUK reports that a Porsche-developed modular platform will be used to underpin all future Bentleys. That platform is the same MSB platform derived from the Porsche Panamera and will provide a basis for all Bentleys in two- and four-wheel drive form.

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The platform seeks to help streamline manufacturing processes and is expected to help some Bentleys lose weight, thanks to extensive use of both high-strenth steel and aluminum. Additionally, the MSB platform will allow the engine to sit closer to the rear of the front axle line for a lower center of gravity, which means better handling.

As rumored, future Bentley’s are expected to be powered by V12s as Volkswagen AG wants Bentley to be the brand to showcase Volkswagen’s latest and most advanced line of V12s ever. This particularly comes after the retirement of the traditional 6.75L V8, which will be officially phased out by 2013.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK