Project Kahn Design does the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Kahn Design has created a kit to go along with the Ferrari 458 Italia coupe that was recently tuned for its spider variant.

The kit is more the understated, with the only obvious change being the fresh set of wheels and calipers that have been fitted to the model, blended seamlessly with original Ferrari caps. The Monza forged wheels are sized 22-inches in the rear and 21-inches up front, housing a set of yellow brake calipers.

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Kahn says that it also modified the wing shield, front and rear sections, ceramic brakes and the F1 gearbox, none of which distinctly appear.

The spider’s interior is also fully customizable with color and material, although the images released do not reflect any mods.

Nothing thrilling, but better underdone then overdone, I suppose.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop