LEGO wants you to design vehicles for its upcoming movie

Lego Movie

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are working on an up-and-coming LEGO movie and they need your help. The directors of the movie want you to design a cool vehicle (car, plane or rocket), that they can use in the upcoming LEGO movie.

“It can be any kind of transportation device — car, plane, boat, train, spaceship — as long as it’s made entirely out of LEGO bricks (excluding third-party branded LEGO content — for example, no LEGO Harry Potter minifigures) and it looks like it started out as something else — like a castle that has been converted into a race car, the two said. “Spin the wheels of your imagination and start building!”

You can submit a photo of your very own original LEGO vehicle for the chance to win $1,000 and see your design in action in LEGO: The Motion Picture.

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– By: Omar Rana