New 500-hp Lexus LF-LC Concept to debut in Australia

Lexus announced today that it will pick the 2012 Australian International Motor Show to show a new hybrid coupe concept that will give a glimpse in the future of supercars and their use of advanced materials.

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The concept, which is basically part 2 of the Lexus LF-LC seen at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, will be an all-wheel-drive hybrid coupe that will push 500-hp.

“We’ve pulled out all stops this year to secure a world first for Australia,” said Lexus Chief Executive Tony Cramb. “The Lexus concept is an absolutely stunning vehicle and is set to be one of the drawcards of the show. The concept will highlight Lexus’ design and engineering expertise – marrying design with function to deliver a glimpse into the future of supercars.”

Does this mean that the Lexus LF-LC is finally coming closer to production? We’ll find out soon.

– By: Omar Rana