BMW unveils latest fleet for Germany’s finest, and armored security vehicles

Domestic law enforcement fleets will look over in envy as BMW has just unveiled their latest models designed for use with the German Polizei. Alongside, BMW also unveiled their newest armored-models for the modern day Godfather. The models were presented at Germany’s General Police Equipment Exhibition and Conference in Leipzig.

Beginning with the police cars, Germany’s finest will be receiving the latest X3 and 5-Series Touring. They’re pretty much the same BMWs that are sold to the public, minus special livery paint jobs, sweet blue-LED flashers, and on-board iDrive system reprogrammed specifically police use. Two-wheelers were also in the mix as well for the first responders. Police versions of the R1200RT and G650GS motorcycles were put up for show, which much like their four-wheeled brethren, feature a variety of specially advanced equipment and security options.

Two-wheeler prototypes were also displayed, the F800ST, and the K1600GT, which will be the first six-cylinder motorcycle ready for official use in the Netherlands.

Also as a concept, BMW displayed the latest i3 Concept as a pitch for sustainable police operations.

“BMW’s premise for special emergency vehicles has always been to carry out the conception and integration of specific equipment features in close cooperation with specialists from each public authority and institution,” a BMW spokesperson said during the exhibition of these models.

The special armored BMWs showcased were a 7-Series High Security, and X5 Security. The 7-Series High Security receives a class-VR7 package, whose reinforcements have been kept invisible to the naked eye. The X5 Security received a VR4-class package with similar treatments. Sonny Corleone would’ve wished he had one before being gunned down on the causeway.

In the Layman term, VR classifications are based on a scale between VR1 to VR9, which classify how tough the protection is from various types of ammunition. According to similar report by AutoBlog, the X5 Security’s VR4-classification means that the armoring can stop up to a .44 caliber pistol.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: BMW

Secondary Source: AutoBlog