Video: Driver saws off police car boot in front of officer

Driver saws off police car boot in front of officer

It’s happened to most of us: its already not your day, and you come out to your car to find a parking ticket, see the red, white and blues behind you when you really didn’t realize how fast you were going, or worse yet, find your car booted. Its enough to make anyone angry, but one man took the some of the bold things we have only dreamed of doing, and actually acted on it.

Just after the video surfaced of the Ferrari 458 Spider driver that thought he was too cool to get roughed up by the NYPD, someone catches a man on film in Africa using a circular saw to remove a boot from his car right in front of an officer who wasn’t quite daring enough to go up against the weaponry. While its unclear where, exactly, the gasoline-powered tool came from, but in minutes this brazen man removed the boot with a little help from a friend, jumped in his Toyota HiLux and left a witnessing officer behind in the dust.

Here’s one for the people. F**k your boot.

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-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop