Consumer Reports tells you ‘why the MyFord Touch control system stinks’

When FoMoCo first launched the MyFord Touch infotainment system, the full-touchscreen system was met with much negative criticism by the media and the customers.

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Ford then decided to offer everyone a free update to existing customer and decided to offer its 2013 model year vehicles with an upgraded version. The upgrade was intended to make MyFord Touch faster and easier to use. Having recently tested two Ford models (the new Taurus SHO and the new Focus) with MyFord Touch, I have to say that while the system is leaps and bounds better than the previous generation it still has ways to go.

Consumer Reports on the other hand continues to blast Ford for the MyFord Touch System. In a recent article, Consumer Reports says: “Despite some recent updates, MyFord Touch still frustrates us like few other control systems in any other brand’s automobiles.”

The publication goes onto say: “…our frustration with MyFord Touch has hammered many Ford models’ test scores to a level below our threshold to recommend a model. In any case, we wouldn’t recommend dealing with the frustrations of MyFord Touch on a daily basis even to an adversary.”


– By: Omar Rana

Source: Consumer Reports