Report: Fisker delaying Sunset and Surf, will build it sooner if you have the money

Fisker Automotive may be facing some troubles with recalling its Karma following two customer models that went up in flames – however, the company seems to have most of its cards in place.

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According to Fisker’s senior director of global corporate communications, Roger Ormisher, the company is currently focused on getting the new Atlantic out on the roads and that means delaying production of other Karma variants including the Surf and Sunset.

Speaking to AutoBlogGreen, Ormisher said: “The Surf is currently on the back burner as we finalize our plans to bring Atlantic to market. That is the number one focus here at Fisker as the volume of that model is key to our long-term success.┬áThere is no official plan to build the Surf at this stage as an assembly plant volume variant, so the only option available is as a modified, bespoke or custom build Karma. If someone came along with a big enough checkbook, we are always open to discussions.”

So unless you have the cash, don’t call up Fisker asking for a Karma Sunset or Surf.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoBlogGreen