NYC cop sues Ferrari driver who ran over his foot for $10 million

Earlier this month, we brought you a video of a man who attempted to drive away as the NYPD issued him a ticket for parking illegally. After the cop tried to stop him, the owner of the Ferrari kept driving and allegedly ran over the cops foot.

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Well, it turns out the owner of the Ferrari has deep pockets and the cop is now suing for damages. The man who was thrown to the ground and arrested is actually reality star Stephanie Pratt’s playboy boyfriend Julien Chabbott, who also owns social media site Line Snob.

The cop, Felix Recio, is suing Chabbott for $10 million claiming that he ran his foot over in his Ferrari 458 Italia Spider as he gave him a parking ticket in SoHo.

“I was writing the ticket. He got in the car, I told him not to, but he proceeded to take off,” Recio said. “He hit my foot, but I could have been very badly injured. I was just trying to do my job. He was parked in a no-standing zone, and he didn’t have a registration sticker, as required.”

You can check out the whole incident after the jump.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: NYPost