Chrysler-based Bentley replica took four years to make

Despite my appreciation for tuner cars, I am one of the first to admit when a program has gone too far, done too little for the price or is just plain unnecessary. Today, thanks to a mid-1990’s Chysler LeBaron Convertible and a terrible sales pitch, is one of those days.

I must say that there is no lack of ambition here, as someone has turned the aforementioned LeBaron into a bootleg Bentley Continental GTC, with a set of 20 inch Lorinser rims to boot.

The eBay seller claims to have put four years of handiwork into the model, and offers up this pitch:

“Due to law suits, cars like this are no longer available so no matter what you do you may not find another. This is your chance to ride in style like a celebrity or captian of industry or a ‘BOSS.”

If that doesn’t sell you, perhaps one of the photo captions will: “If you don’t like attention this in not the car for you, Want to be lonely?, Not photo ready?, Married?, Have a jealous girlfriend? Choose wisely.”

With a $15,000 starting bid, this guy’s got a point, right? Check out the photos after the jump, and please don’t skip the interior ones.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop