GM’s OnStar gets new look, 2013 Camaro gets frameless mirror

For its 2013 model year vehicles, General Motors has unveiled a new OnStar button.

“While the new buttons are cool, it’s what’s behind the button that is most impressive,” said Douglas McKibbon, engineering group manager, OnStar Hardware. “The buttons were changed for a few different reasons, but one was to better reflect the software updates that have gone into this current generation of OnStar.”

Here are the list of changes:

  • Voice Command Button: The button previously known as the ‘Hands-Free Calling button’ – a white phone with a circle around it – is now the ‘Voice Command button,’ featuring a general speech icon. The new button allows for more than just placing or receiving hands-free phone calls. It allows drivers to access a saved route; check Hands-Free Calling minutes or access OnStar Virtual Advisor, which includes saved MapQuest directions or traffic, weather and stock updates. And it will still allow a driver to place or receive a phone call.
  • Emergency Button: The Emergency button, previously represented by a white cross embedded in a red circle, is now the internationally recognized ‘SOS’ symbol.
  • OnStar Button: The blue OnStar button has been switched to the company’s new logo which was introduced in late 2010.
  • Camaro Frameless Mirror: Some 2013 Camaro models will have touch-screen access on the sports car’s frameless mirror that pays homage to both the classic Camaros and today’s tech-savvy driver. It comes standard on the Camaro 2SS, 2LT, ZL1 coupe and convertible. GM is considering adding the frameless mirror for other makes and models later.

– By: Omar Rana