Report: BMW now allows dealers to get rid of auto start/stop settings

The new BMW 3 Series comes standard with an automatic start/stop system by BMW EfficientDynamics that helps improve fuel-economy and cut back on CO2 emissions to save the world. The system is activated by default whenever you get in the car and push the start button. If you don’t want to use the system on your current drive you can turn it off by pushing a button located below the start button. However, once you leave the vehicle and get back in, the feature is automatically turned on until you turn it off again.

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How about if you don’t really care about fuel-economy¬†or CO2 emissions and just want a normal drive from work back to your lovely home without stop/start jerking you around? Well, you can do that now.

Some drivers have expressed a desire to get rid of this function. At the request of an owner, it is possible for dealers to modify this default logic to ‘Last user mode.’

– By: Omar Rana