Report: Alfa Romeo 4C convertible will follow coupe’s release in 2014

Amidst the already big news of Alfa Romeo’s much anticipated mid-engined 4C sports car—a car that will also kick off the Italian brand’s reentry into the North American market—AutoCar reports that Alfa Romeo will also launch a convertible version a year after the coupe’s launch. This also comes after bigger news that the 4C coupe is ahead of schedule and will be ready for sale in early 2014.

So far, AutoCar reports that Fiat’s chief Mauro Pierallini set very specific guidelines for the 4C. It had to cost around  €45,000 or about $55,330. It’s also supposed to only weigh 900kg or 1,984 for us Americans. Not to mention, the engine sits in the middle. So yes, it sounds like Alfa Romeo is building their own little Lotus Elise.

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Speaking of which, that engine will be Alfa’s direct-injected internally designated  1750 TBi turbocharged four-pot. But combined with the lightweight, the 4C should be able to crack 100 km/h or 62mph in just 4.5 seconds. The engine’s block will be composed of aluminum instead of an iron block to help with that 900kg weight target. That engine will be mated to a dual-clutch automatic complete with paddle shifters.

The suspension sub frames will also be composed of aluminum and will be bolted to a carbon fiber tub, which will house the powertrain and drivetrain. Lastly, the body’s shape is also described to be very aerodynamic and capable of generating positive down force to aid in high-speed stability.

Alfa plans on shifting around 18,000 4C’s over its lifetime. And by the sounds of it, we can’t wait for Alfa’s triumphant return.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK