Report: AAA predicts 8 million cars will have start-stop by 2017 in North America

2012 BMW 3-Series Start-Stop

MotorTrend reports on a prediction made by the AAA, which believes that nearly eight million cars will be equipped with start-stop systems by 2017 in North America. This apparently comes from the system being so popular.

Popular? The last time I remember, most of us in the automotive world shunned start-stop systems for their simple annoyance. That’s also the case here at egmCarTech, as none of us are very fond of it. Maybe popular as in, a lot of companies are doing it.

And looking around, a lot of cars are coming with the system to help increase fuel economy by eliminating the idle time of an engine. From something as basic as a Kia Rio, to the midsized Chevrolet Malibu Eco family sedan, and of course, the luxury cars as well.

According to the AAA, start-stop can save an average of $167 in annual fuel costs per year if gas runs at $3.75 per gallon and the car was driven for 12,000 at 20 mpg.

But what are your thoughts? Would you want start-stop systems standard on all cars? Let us know in the comment section below.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: MotorTrend