Canada’s Conquest Vehicles launches first unarmored SUV at $579,000

Canada’s Conquest Vehicles has launched its first unarmored SUV called the EVADE. The Toronto-based company is well know for its handcrafted, fully armored luxury KNIGHT XV.

The Conquest Evade features a new body style and design with new headlamps taillights, narrower fender flares, a redesigned grille, hood scoop, a third tandem sunroof and a wider backdoor to accommodate EVADE’s wider body frame and more.

The Conquest Evade is based on the Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis and its massive unarmored skin will be made from an aluminum-mild steel blend, which makes it significantly lighter than the Knight XV.

The first EVADE is scheduled to roll off the production line in Fall 2012 and will carry a price tag of $579,000. Sure is priced like an armored vehicle.

– By: Omar Rana