Lumma Design gets a little crazy with three-levels of Porsche Cayenne II tuning kit

Lumma Design went all in on a tuning kit for the Porsche Cayenne II, offering up three examples just to show how highly customizable the package is.

The Russian tuning house went with three different variants for each example as well, the orange metallic being a Cayenne S Hybrid, the brick-red, a Diesel and lastly the Cayenne Turbo, coated in dark black metallic.

As for the Cayenne S Hybrid, this variant gets a set of 20-inch wheels, and a power kit that takes the horses up from 375hp to 443hp, with a cabin covered in leather and Alcantara, topping it off with carpet for both the floor and the headliner.

The Diesel version has been fitted with a power kit that takes the stock model’s 237hp up to 276hp, also folding in a quad exhaust, 22-inch CLR wheels. On the inside the Diesel gets aluminum pedals, red instruments and carbon fiber accents.

Cayenne’s Turbo model gets a 6-pipe sports exhaust, and a power boost from 493hp to 59hp.

Hit the jump for the press release with all the details, while some of these may be a bit over the top, Lumma certainly put a lot of time and thought into this package, and some decent power.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: WorldCarFans