Report: Mazda wants to cut curb weight by 220lbs for every model redesign in future

AutomotiveNews reports that Mazda seeks to take their ideas of lightweight cars to the next level. Their current SkyActiv program is what brought about the CX-5 mid-sizer, which achieved an astonishing feat of just weighing in at 3,208 for the base model. But that’s not enough as Mazda reportedly seeks to eliminate at least 220lbs every time they redesign one of its models.

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Though Mazda also noted that inhibiting their cause is the huge influx of stringent safety and emissions regulations while demand for in-car convenience and comfort features are on the rise.

“Obviously that’s going to get harder and harder,” Dave Coleman, vehicle development engineer for Mazda or North America. “We focused so much on the low-hanging fruit that we still have a lot of room.”

Essentially, Mazda seeks to design car frames in ways that use less steel while maintaining structural rigidity. That usually means an increase in the use of more exotic materials. Coleman was noted for saying that Mazda will have to employ more advanced materials in future generations of SkyActive models. Though Mazda is relying on time, which will hopefully drive down their cost as they inevitably become more accessible.

All in all, it seems Mazda is banking on the concepts of good ‘ol fashioned physics as its selling point. And it’s a great selling point, as lighter cars mean that they can be more efficient and better handling. Less weight in any case is beneficial in many ways. Now, only for the public to understand it…

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews