Arrinera Automotive redesigns and renames its supercar to Hussayra

Arrienra seems to be having a hard time making up its mind with its first production model. The Polish startup company started the development of the project back in 2008, and since then its initial model has undergone several redesigns and several names.

Currently, its latest change brings on quite a few esthetic modifications and its new name, the Hussayra. While the name is oddly close to Pagani’s Huarya model, the physical changes took it from a Lamborghini Reventon-like exterior to a more 458 Italia resemblance.

Changes from the last redesign to this one include a new front bumper with new air inlets, side panels, air vents, rear engine compartment, new roofline and rear, including a new set of rounded taillamps. Arrienra also replaced the scissor doors with a set of conventional ones.

A set of automatic retractable spoilers have also been added to aid in breaking by deploying once the model reaches 93 mph.

Power for the Hussarya comes form a 6.2-liter V8 engine from General Motors that hits 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds and a 211-mph top speed from its 650-hp.

Although a release date for the production model is expected to be, at best, the end of 2013, the automaker is unveiling a special edition before September 2012 called the “33 Series”, which will be limited to 33 units.

By: Alexandra Koken

Arrinera Hussarya Technical Specifications
Length (mm): 4450
Width (mm) : 2056
Height(mm): 1190
Wheel track front (mm): 1744
Wheel track frear (mm): 1744
Wheelbase (mm): 2695
Engine capacity (l): 6.2
Engine: V8
Power (HP): 650
Maximum torque(Nm): 820
Gearbox: Graziano
Weight(kg): 1300
Weight/power (kg/1 KM): 2,0
0-100 km/h: 3,2
0-200 km/h: 8,9
0-200-0 km (s): 14,3
200-0 km/h (m): 133
1/4 mile time(s): 11.0
Max. speed km/h: 340
Lateral g-force (g): 1,3

Source: CarScoop