Video: BMW provides a historic, yet slightly inaccurate history of the 3-Series

Now that the current (F30) 3 series is on the market, BMW’s marketing folks released a 3.5-minute ‘best of six generations 3 series’ clip. As cars are often a less than rational and right brain decision, BMW chose largely to discuss aesthetics, numbers of doors and typical marketing vernacular in the clip. If you are looking for trivia on the 3er, or racing history, look elsewhere. If you enjoy watching pristine examples of a successful line in a variety of locations, you’ll enjoy the clip.

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3er buffs and cynics alike will note that there is absolutely no mention of the 2002, the E30 (1982-1993) came in wagon (estate) form and that all-wheel drive came out in the E30 and not in the E46 (1998-2006). As videos are highly subjective, I will offer my objections to an otherwise amusing clip: there is no mention of BMW’s performance in DTM (German touring car racing) and the clip is not an enthusiastic celebration of the 3 series and that the message seems to be that if you buy an F30, it is just going to be shinier than the last generation (E90).

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By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: BMW via YouTube