Ford developing Intelligent System to help drivers manage stressful situations

Ford Workload Estimator

Ford is currently researching ways to intergrade existing driver assistance systems with new technology and biometrics to take driver assistance even further then it has already gone.

A biometric seat, steering wheel and seatbelt is currently in the research and development stages at the Ford Research and Innovation labs, with the intention of being able to collect information on the driver’s condition. Data such as temperature, respiration and heart rate would all be collected through these means and then combined with external systems such as the Blind Spot information system or Lane-Keeping System to predict if a situation would be too ‘stressful’ for a driver to accept a phone call, therefore automatically implementing the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function to prevent incoming calls.

Gary Strumolo, manger of vehicle design and infotronics, Ford Research and Innovation, says “In addition to using existing vehicle data to estimate demand on the driver, we’re researching ways to get an even better understanding of the stress level of the driver. Biometric health information of the driver can help us better tailor the experience behind the wheel.”

Strumolo also adds, “ While these features are still in research, they show significant opportunity for us to leverage data already being captured by the vehicle and apply an intelligent decision-making system to simplify the driving experience.”

– By: Alexandra Koken