Land Rover and Bowler make their partnership official

Since the brand’s launch 25 years ago, Bowler has been using Land Rover powertrains in its rally and road cars. Now, the longstanding partnership has been taken to the next level with a formal partnership agreement.

Bowler’s vehicles will now be branded as “Powered by Land Rover”, and the partnership is concentrated on Bowler’s EXR rally car, and the EXR S street version. Other components of the partnership include parts access between both brands, access to engineering facilities, and Land Rover has given its engineers the opportunity to push boundaries on performance.

Land Rover Brand Experience Director Mark Cameron says “Bowler vehicles demonstrate the kind of performance, ride, handling and chassis dynamics that a vehicle powered by Land Rover is capable of when ten to the extreme and liberated of most practical constraints… We’re proud to have been part of Bowler’s success and, just as its latest models come to market, this new formal partnership will fully acknowledge the roll of Land Rover technology in Bowler’s high performance all terrain cars.”

Drew Bowler, Managing Director of Bowler, agrees, saying “…With bold and ambitious plans, I’m sure that there are exciting times ahead in which both parties will enjoy positive benefits for our respective brands.”

By: Alexandra Koken