Ford working on Traffic Jam Assist Technology and automated perpendicular parking

Ford Traffic Jam Assist

When it comes to mass producing automakers, it seems that Ford is always pushing ahead with the development of the next-generation driving technologies. The company is currently working on two new prototypes that should help address traffic jams and the ability to let the vehicle perpendicular parking without driver interaction.

“Developing these technologies is part of the first step in a journey toward a more connected future,” said Paul Mascarenas, Ford chief technical officer and vice president, Research and Innovation. “It’s an undertaking we believe will save time, conserve resources, lower emissions, improve safety and help reduce driver stress.”

The Traffic Jam Assist feature is described as an intelligent driving technology that uses radar and camera technology to help a vehicle keep pace with other vehicles in traffic. It also provides automated steering control to stay in the current lane.

Perpendicular parking builds on the already available automated parallel parking feature. It uses sensors to identify parking space by width rather than length, and steers the vehicle into them using electric power-assisted steering.

– By: Omar Rana