Report: Volvo CEO admits ‘our cars are too complicated for the consumer’

Volvo’s CEO Stefan Jacoby (ex-CEO of Volkswagen of America), admits that the Swedish automaker’s cars are too complicated for its consumers and that the company needs to work on making them more intuitive.

“Our cars are too complicated for the consumer,” Jacoby said speaking at the Automotive News Europe Congress in Monte Carlo. “Our intention is to have an intuitive car that lets the driver actually feel like he’s in command.”

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Pointing out the company’s own internal research, Jacoby said that 75 percent of consumers don’t know all the possibilities they have with their car.

Jacoby pointed out Apple products as an example of intuitive design. Speaking about the iPhone, he said: “It’s so easy to control. You feel in control of that machine and that gives consumers a big confidence.”

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoNews