Report: BMW’s 5-Series GT gets some minor tweaks for 2013

2013 BMW 5-Series GT

BMW’s aesthetically challenged 5-Series GT or GranTurismo, has just received some minor updates for the 2013 year, in which case BMW says the new 5-Series GT gets more power and better fuel economy.

Tweaks include the standardization of the CAFE-satisfying, yet extraordinarily annoying auto-stop start system on the 5-Series GT. Additionally, the EcoPro mode that’s been plaguing the standard BMW’s of recent also finds its way on the 5-Series GT.

Altogether, from these additions, the 5-Series GT benefits, according to the EPA and BMW, from an increase of 2.25 mpg average for the six-cylinder 5-Series GT, while the V8 5-Series GT increases by 4.6 mpg.

Aside from the increase in fuel economy, the eight-cylinder 5-Series GT is the one that receives more power. The brand’s internally designated N63 4.4L TwinPower twin-turbocharged V8 gets a boost of 45hp and 30 lb-ft of torque, in addition to the auto-stop start and EcoPro mode. That said, the engine now receives the title as the N63TU—TU as in “Technical Update.”

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automobile