Lazzarini Design gives Fiat 500 a Ferrari heart transplant and more

A tuning firm had decided to go ham on a Fiat 500, specifically for those who are absolutely dying to have the new revitalized Fiat 500 but are upset about its power deficit.

Specifically, the company is called Lazzarini Design. And basically, they took a Fiat 500 and added the Ferrari 458 Italia’s fiery 4.5L V8 for a mid-engined Fiat 500. Though, the engine itself was detuned from 570hp to just 550hp due to the Fiat 500’s short wheelbase. That said, it strongly resembles Volkswagen’s own publicity stunt, when they mid-mounted the brand’s narrow-angle 6.0L W12 engine from a Bentley Continental GT into the modified body of a Volkswagen GTi.

Included in Lazzarini’s package are some unique colors and body kits, along with special rims, and basically a complete overhaul of one’s Fiat 500. The price? Only the most dedicated Fiat 500 lover would pounce on this, at $550,000.

– By: Chris Chin