Steve McQueen’s own Ferrari 275 GTB/4 gets sent to Ferrari’s classic restoration division

Ferrari has an extraordinarily rich history and their popularity amongst the jet set is undeniable. One of the greatest examples of the two in history was famous Hollywood actor, Steve McQueen and how he took ownership of a 275 GTB/4 Coupe while filming Buillit.

Though, the story of the 275 itself is what’s truly interesting. Upon Steve McQueen’s passing in 1980, the new owner of his Ferrari 275 had it converted into a Spyder version, when only 10 factory built 275 GTB/4 NART Spyders exist, ever.

Now though, the car has recently exchanged hands, and the new owner had decided to send McQueen’s chopped up 275 GTB/4 to Ferrari’s restoration division, Ferrari Classiche. As a result, the brand will completely reproduce a roof for McQueen’s Ferrari 275 and will restore it to its original coupe design.

Ferrari Classiche was established in 2006 with one purpose only: restore historic and classic Ferrari’s to original condition. Though Ferrari is not the only brand to have a classic restoration division as brands such as Mercedes-Benz also have their own classic and antique restoration division.

– By: Chris Chin