Report: Chevrolet Volt outselling Corvette so far in 2012

No matter what you say or think about the Chevrolet Volt, the plug-in hybrid is definitely bringing in the numbers and is helping owners save mother nature one mile at a time. Another interesting tidbit has just popped up showing the significance of the car. Numbers show that the Volt is actually outselling the Corvette.

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Through 2012, Chevrolet has sold a total of 5,547 Corvettes as compared to 7,057 Volts. Of course there are many factors to consider here as the Volt and the ‘Vette are totally different cars and the ‘Vette is now starting to get outdated.

Either way, in March, GM sold a total of 2,289 units of the Volt and 1,376 units of the Corvette.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: LSXTV (via Straightline)