Report: Audi Q2 heading to Paris this year, to verse Mini Countryman by 2015

Some news is out in the rumormill surrounding Audi, and in that news, word is Audi will be introducing a new “Q2” model at this year’s Paris Motor Show. And without any mucking about, just by the name alone, the new-to-be Q2 is an addition to the brand’s crossover lineup and will obviously sit below the Q3.

Set for a launch in 2015, the Audi Q2 is said to be directly aimed at the Mini Countryman. Additionally, rumors say that the Q2 will also share specific platform dimensions for the up and coming A2 hatchback.

Engines haven’t been specified just yet, but details point to a range of the usual gasoline and diesel turbocharged four-bangers. Of course, a Q2 S version is also expected and might potentially don a 225hp version of the 2.0L Volkswagen four-pot destined for the next-generation Golf GTI.

As for what it’s going to look like, Audi sources said to look at a cross between the 2010 Quattro concept and Volkswagen’s CrossCoupe study. Whether this new Q2 is destined for North American Markets has still yet to be determined.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK