Cadillac launches online configurator for 2013 ATS w/o pricing

Cadillac clearly has its sights set on the likes of the Audi A4, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the Infiniti G37 sedan, the Lexus IS, but most of all the BMW 3-Series. And it couldn’t be more obvious from the way Cadillac touts its extensively Eurocentric research and development on its much-anticipated ATS.

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To help build up tension, Cadillac has just recently launched its new online configuration for those who would like to either prepare for the ATS’s triumphant launch or, perhaps add the car to one’s wishlist.

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From a performance standpoint on paper—adding to the ATS’s direct aim at the BMW 3-Series—the new 2013 Cadillac ATS boasts the lowest curb weight in its class, at less than 3,400lbs with a near 50/50 weight balance. And from the get go, that’s already some pretty substantial accomplishments for an American compact luxury sports sedan, and something only the geniuses in Munich have been doing for decades with other brands just catching up.

So if you read this and you’re looking for something to occupy your lunchtime with other than your typical helping of grub, head on over to the Cadillac ATS’s webpage and create your own ATS.

Though, it must be noted, that the new ATS appears to only be available in a manual transmission with the 2.0L turbo and rear-wheel drive. Now, that’s a bit discerning after Cadillac clearly wants to take BMW down. Typically, brands have reduced the availability of manual transmission-equipped automobiles due to dwindling demand.

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But recently, it seems the manual transmission has been making a comeback. That said, even Ford had decided to go against the grain and is now offering the top-of-the-line Focus with a manual transmission, insisting that the car is fun to drive with one…and it is.

So for Cadillac to speak highly about how much of a driver’s car this ATS is, to not offer a manual transmission with the most powerful engine—the 3.6L V6—simply just doesn’t make any sense. If anyone were betting on some potential ATS launch mistakes, this is one.

Cadillac, please just give the entire line an optional manual!

– By: Chris Chin