Report: Next Ford Focus RS to get 330hp, EcoBoost turbo 4-cyl Mustang in the works

The new Ford Focus is certainly raising some serious hype around the world. But to feed the already burning fire of anticipation for various future variants of the sweet new Focus, word in the rumormill is that the next generation Focus RS will be producing a “you betta’ watch yo’ self Volkswagen” 330hp. As if 301 wasn’t enough from the last version, but who’s complaining?

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This bit of news comes from the launch of the just-around-the-corner 2013 Ford Focus ST, which boasts an already not so shabby 247hp to boot. Spearheading the launch was Matthias Ton, chief program engineer for the ST and all of Ford’s other global performance cars. In other words, if you wanted to voice your opinion at someone from Ford, to bring some of the other charming pieces from the Blue Oval’s European division, he’s the guy.

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Those 330 horses is likely to come from Ford’s new EcoBoost 2.3L being developed for our shores. Ton stated that the 2.0L from the up and coming 2013 Ford Focus ST is already close to its power limit without extensively upgrading the fuel and induction systems.

A mechanical limited slip differential is expected for the next Ford Focus RS, as well as a more aggressive look, bigger brakes, and a stiffer suspension. It’s unknown whether Ford’s unique and clever front-wheel technology such as the ST’s Torque Steer Compensation system, variable steering, or Ford’s patented and successful RevoKnuckle front strut.

But to conclude on an interesting side note, that 2.3L EcoBoost inline-four being developed for our shores was also described by Matthias Ton as “destined to replace the heavier V6 units found in entry-level Ford Mustangs in the US.” So if anyone was to ask if Ford was serious about a turbocharged EcoBoost four-banger mustang, it appears that they are.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoExpressUK