ROUSH unveils new package for V6 Mustang

The 2013 Ford Mustang V6 will now be able to receive the same ROUSH royalties as its V8 variant. ROUSH Performance has just released the ROUSH Six or RS package for those fuel conscious customers who want more out of their V6 Mustang.

“We are excited to offer a ROUSH package for all levels of the Ford Mustang line up,” says Tim Wheeler, VP, Sales and Marketing of ROUSH Performance. “The RS will address the Mustang V6 owner that is looking for the ROUSH touch off the showroom floor.”

While the package does not enhance the powertrain in any way, it does include a Roush body kit and Roush interior enhancements as well as lowering springs, 19 inch wheels, and best of all: Brembo brakes. Anyone can have this for 4000 dollars more on top of the starting 23,000 sticker price.

The ROUSH kit looks awesome and any V6 owner would be glad to receive it. The Brembo brakes alone aftermarket can run up to 3000 dollars; and that in my opinion makes the RS package absolutely worth it.

By: Moe Adawy

Source: ROUSH