Report: Drivers are against social media connectivity in automobiles

OnStar Multimedia Connectivity

The advent of inexpensive, lightweight computing it seems is finally reaching a zenith of absurdity, or at least that is what technology consulting firm Gartner seems to have concluded following research on the subject. Chevy now offers the ability for users to check their Facebook accounts via OnStar and has even released a commercial touting the feature.

Gartner’s studies show though that instead of social media integration, the only things motorists are truly interested in is motoring-related information systems. At the 2012 Telematics Detroit conference, Gartner analysts suggested that consumer “wants” as they put it, lie in voice recognition, navigation and automated crash notification systems.

Some buyers are willing to pay more for music related luxuries such as Pandora or satellite radio, but the reaction on the part of consumers from Gartner’s research in infotainment and social networking seems to be technology for technology’s sake.

 – By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: DetroitFreePress