Ferrari teams up with Cobra Puma Golf for some tee-time

Cobra Puma Golf is producing a line of golfing equipment for Ferrari, with the highlight of the collection being a Ferrari-red colored driver.

Tom Preece, Vice President of Research and Development at Cobra Puma Golf was not shy with the details, saying “The Ferrari Golf Collection Driver is a work of art. We worked with Ferrari engineers to create a truly impressive driver that reduces drag and delivers fast club head speed. This results in maximized distance in a beautiful driver. To add to the allure, the driver features a hand-stitched leather grip, a headcover made form genuine Ferrari leather, a premium Fujikura Motore Speeder Shaft and it is packaged up in a luxurious Ferrari Golf Collection Driver display box.”

In addition to the driver, a Golf Luxury Bag, Luxury Duffel, golf shoe, shirts, pants, and leather jacket have all been included in the line. The Luxury bag and Duffel are crafted from Poltrana Frau leather, the same used in the Ferrari GT, the shoe is handmade in Italy and the jacket is black with a red zipper.

The line is anticipated to go on sale next month, although pricing has not been released yet.

– By: Alexandra Koken