Video: Ford creates new TV ad spot for Focus ST from spectator footage

2013 Ford Focus ST First TV Ad

The new hot Ford Focus ST is right around the corner (no pun intended) and we can hardly wait. But to make sure that the public is getting their share of awareness about Ford’s new highly anticipated Volkswagen GTi competitor, the Auburn Hills make hired Tanner Foust and stunt driver Greg Tracy to pull a publicity stunt down in the pretty little island of Key West, Florida.

Ford called on the public to come out with any video camera available at their disposal and record Foust and Tracy tear up the narrow streets of Key West in the new Ford Focus ST.

Ford then asked the crowd to submit their own footage, in which FoMoCo had a team choose the best footage and compile it into a television ad, using just the spectator’s submissions.

Altogether, it makes for a fun ad to watch, so check it out after the jump.

– By: Chris Chin