Report: Mazda Miata Yusho Prototype is a 241hp supercharged pocket rocket

When the latest model MX-5 hit the showroom, many including myself, were disappointed in the lack of power from its 4-cylinder and looked to the likes of Honda S2000 or a…well nothing else in that price range. The Yusho Prototype may have just changed all that. Debuting at the Leipzig auto show last week, Mazda Germany and American tuner Flyin’ Miata have teamed up to make a one-off model of the roadster.

The Yusho Miata pumps out 241 horsepower and 202 lb-ft  all thanks to a supercharger, retuned ECU, bigger fuel injectors, Cosworth pistons and rods, and a sport tuned exhaust that can be adjusted for more or less noise. The extra power is tamed by a new sport tuned suspension thanks to Eibach lowering springs and Bilstein shocks and larger stabilizer bars, as well as a sport clutch and a shorter 4.1 final drive ratio.  Finally the prototype Miata keeps itself on the road with its semi-slick Toyo tires wrapped around anthracite gray alloy wheels.

The exterior and interior also receive enhancements. The car is wrapped in matte-white and comes with a rear carbon fiber diffuser that hugs the new center exhaust; whereas the interior is covered in Alcantra, suede, leather, and includes Recaro bucket seats.

It is sad it is only a concept as Mazda has yet to know whether it will be put in production.  However, Flyin’ Miata reports that the automaker is considering making 100 examples in what should have been the new Miata.

– By: Moe Adawy

Source: Mazda via MotorTrend