Report: BMW trademarks a variety of names, provides insight to future models

2012 BMW 328i

BMW recently trademarked a plethora of potential model names. Like Chevrolet’s recent grab of the SS name, it may just end up being a stock car or a completely abandoned project altogether. But many of these names are likely to carry some weight. The M7 name for example certainly looks like one of the more likely vehicles to roll out of the factories; Mercedes produces AMG versions of their flagship sedan, why wouldn’t BMW consider and actually carry out a Motorsport-prepped F01 or later 7 series? They certainly have a lot of the hardware to do it.

It’s not all about the glitz and glamor of hard core sedans, supercars as in the case of the M10 and M1 names, but also names such as the X2, the 2-series and names for front wheel drive models have cropped up as well.

Front wheel drive and BMW? Have they gone soft? BMW confirmed plans for front wheel drive small and therefore economy cars. This jump will still likely be seen as a dillution of the brand, but it will help the company meet European fleet carbon emissions requirements, since not everyone is going to be buying the 70-mpg EfficientDynamics F30 3-series. At some level, it means that BMW will have their answer to the Aston-Martin Cygnet/Toyota iQ and the like.

There is also a slew of E series codes and the E does not stand for Entwicklung or development as it did in the case of older BMWs, the E codes (1-9) may stand for a range of electric vehicles or perhaps the small line of vehicles. It’s all speculation until we get further information.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: via AutoBlog