SpeedART adds 20-hp to the new 2013 Porsche Boxster

SpeedART has jumped on crafting a kit for the latest Porsche Boxter just a month after it hit European showrooms. Called the SP81-R, SpeedART’s version takes a little more aggressive look at the new Boxster

For power, the German tuning house offers an ECU remap and a titanium exhaust system that comes with sport-catalysts and manifold that offer a sound switch. Combined, the upgrade provides a 20-hp increase for both the Boxter and Boxter S.

Exterior mods include a new front apron, rear diffuser, side skirts and boot wing. The hood, front bumper and side air vents are all coated in matte black. Several color options are available for the either 20- or 21- inch alloy wheels, along with a lowering kit that drops the car all the way around.

On the inside, SpeedART offers no specifics just yet, but says that there will be an abundant selection of trims, upholstery and other custom upgrades.

The kit is due out this summer, just in time for the new generation’s North American arrival.

– By: Alexandra Koken