Report: Toyota working on Playstation track-pack black box for Scion FR-S

If you’re one of the many waiting to get his/her hands on the all-new Toyota/Scion/Subaru sports coupe, you might want to wait a while.

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The Toyota GT86 and the Scion FR-S are both slated to get a convertible variant by 2014. According to project engineer Tetsuya Tada, the engineering undertaken to develop the car along with the popularity, the possibility is very realistic.

Besides that, Toyota already has plans to offer model variations and packages to keep the sales momentum going such as a black-box telemetry system which allows drivers to download the race day data and compare it with others by uploading them to a Sony Playstation. The Japanese automaker is also currently mapping the GT86’s behavior on major tracks, offering further feedback for owners. This was all made possible by owner and CEO Akio Toyoda; pushing the envelope for Toyota’s exciting new product.

– By: Moe Adawy

Source: AutoCar