Video: StanceWars 2012 participant beheads his Lexus LS400

2012 Belgium StanceWars Lexus LS400 Convertible Stunt

One of the beauties about owning a car is that you can do whatever the hell you’d like to it based on any whim that you choose to acknowledge. Though sometimes, those whims are a bit over the top, and this video is one of those instances.

At a recent StanceWars tuner show in Belgium—a niche of tuners who like to drop the ride height of their autos while stretching undersized tires on large wheels and adjusting the suspension at ridiculous camber angles, all for appearance—an owner of a first generation, facelifted Lexus LS400 decided to a pull a Billy Idol and saw the roof off of the Japanese panzer tank.

To me, and many others, it seems like quite of a waste for a few minutes of fame. But, to each their own. Check out the process and the outcome after the jump.



– By: Chris Chin

Source: FarmOfMinds