GSC Tuning tries to get more road performance from Mercedes Gelandewagen

Usually, there are two types of pointless in the automobile world. There’s pointless, yet good—such as Volkswagen going head over heels to produce the world’s fastest production car all while losing a pretty penny on every sale. But then there’s just pointless, where even though you can, doesn’t mean you should, and that’s how I feel with this latest tuner.

German tuning firm GSC has decided to unveil its take on the latest Gelandewagen offered. The package, which after viewing the color scheme, is rightfully named GoldStorm, which includes a wide-body kit made completely of carbon fiber, unique headlights that drop the traditional circular lenses for rectangular ones a la Rolls Royce Ghost, revised taillights, and unique five-spoke AMG alloy look-a-likes. GSC also lowers the suspension, to give the GoldStorm Gelandewagen some more stance. Though, much of the specifics for the package have been left to be disclosed until later this year, when the package is said to go on sale.

Altogether however, we all know that the Gelandewagen is a tough, rugged body-on-frame SUV that is essentially Germany’s Hummer H1/Land Rover Defender and is by all means the antithesis of road-going performance. Yet, tuners like GSC think otherwise. Either way, this proves that there’s always a market for something.

– By: Chris Chin