Charly Molinelli Design creates one depressing coffee table out of wrecked Ferrari

Charly Molinelli Design Wrecked Ferrari Table

Pretty much any automobile enthusiast can relate to this bit of news in some way. For those who have lost great pieces of machinery to the inevitable, I being one of them, to make sure that we have some token of the past, we’d find a piece of our cars to keep.

For instance, when I lost my Mercedes, I kept the gauge cluster and the hood ornament to serve as a reminder of how much I loved it. And now, they serve as some nice paperweights on my desk.

One individual however, took this sort of reminiscing to a whole new level. Charly Molinelli Design decided to create a coffee table. But encased within that coffee table are crushed remains of what used to be a nice, bright red Ferrari.

It is a bit tragic to see and the story behind this creation remains a bit of a mystery. Charly Molinelli Design didn’t say how much one could acquire a coffee table like this. But if you head over to their website, you can have a closer look at what some are calling, the “world’s most tragic coffee table.”

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Molinelli Design via AutoBlog