Aston Martin Lagonda Concept

During the recent run of auto shows, we’ve seen many luxury automakers release concepts for a possible production SUV model in the near future. Maserati showed us the Kubang, Bentley showed us the EXP 9 F Concept and Lamborghini showed off the new Urus Concept.

But let’s not forget which uber-luxury automaker first showed interest in doing an SUV in recent times. It was Aston Martin with their awful looking Lagonda SUV Concept, which made its debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

So what happened to Aston doing an SUV badged as a Lagonda? Well. recent reports suggest that the project is still very much alive and that boss Ulrich Bez has plans to provide an update ‘in the coming years’.

Aston has said that it will also plan a large sedan under the Lagonda name.

Stay tuned and we’ll dig up some more details for you.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar

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  • Desertwind

    Dear Aston Martin,
    If you insist on making this monster, please get someone else to do a better looking vehicle.  
    The Lagonda revealed many flaws of packaging, albeit in a pretty suit. 
    Furthermore, you really don’t want a repeat of the ugly Cygnet.
    May I suggest that you can/scrub this project once and for all, and use all that money on racing your cars?