Audi details e-Bike prototype for 2012 Worthersee Tour

The Worthersee Tour, an event that draws in Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat brands is holding its 31st annual 3-day event starting May 16 in Carinthia, Austria.

This year, Audi is bringing a two-wheeled prototype as part of its display, the e-bike Worthersee prototype. Although the bike has pedals, it can also be operated by an electric motor that makes 3-hp, or both can be used at once. An 11.02-lb lithium-ion battery in concealed in the bike’s frame, which can be recharged from a supply of 230 V in two and a half hours.

Its frame is made from an ultra-light carbon-fiber frame that weighs in at 3.53-lbs, with a 1.32-lb set of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic wheels. In total, the e-bike weights 46.3 lbs.

Five different modes can be used to operate the e-bike. They include ‘Pure’, which uses only the pedals, ‘Pedelec’ offers electric assistance with pedals to get the rider up to 50mph for anywhere between 31-44 miles, the all electric ‘eGrip’ , ‘Wheelie’ provides electric when the front wheel is in the air, and lastly the training mode that maintains speeds on hills or in wind conditions.

Two hydraulic disk brakes stop and slow the e-bike, and a nine-speed gear shift is included, as well as a computer.

As for the three Q3 concepts, Audi will be bringing the Red Track, otherwise known as the Vail Concept from this year’s Detroit Motor Show, the ‘Golden Dragon in the Wind’ from the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, and the Q3 RS, which makes 355hp.

In addition, Audi will bring 16 current production models to round out the display.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop