Meet the $1.5 million pedal-powered Ferrari FXX replica… we’re not kidding

A supercar goes superbike in a video that was made by a created by a sizable cast and crew that features a replica of the track-only Ferrari FXX. Hannes Langwelder is the Austrian artist that is the mastermind behind the whole production.

The replica is only of the car’s body, with its power made by pedal… not gas peddle, but bicycle pedal. It is called the Fahrradi Farfall FFX, which means Bicycle Butterfly. The 220-lb replica’s dual set of pedals are mated to 11 gears.

This is not the first pedal-pushed model that Langwelder has created, either. A Porsche crafted in the same fashion was once ‘driven’ on Top Gear by Richard Hammon.

As much as the video might make you laugh, the Fahrradi is actually on display in Austria at the Lentos Museum of Art in Linz, with a sticker price of over well over $1.5 million USD.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: WorldCarFans