Report: Shelby announces new supercharger kit for 07-12 GT500s

Bummed out that the Shelby 1000 is out of your reach for whatever reason? Don’t worry. Because if you’re still able to get Shelby’s modern rendition of the classic Ford Mustang V8-based GT500 with some extra cash, you might be in luck!

Reports are now out saying that Shelby Performance Parts has supposedly announced that it will be producing a new supercharger kit for the 5.4L Triton Modular V8 that sits under that sexy long bonnet of the 2007-2012 GT500. Shelby themselves claim that it can add up to 300hp to the existing 550hp that the GT500 produces from the factory.

The kit calls for the removal of the stock Eaton roots-type supercharger. Taking its place is Shelby’s own—made in conjunction with Whipple—3.4L Black Supercharger Tuner Kit, which Shelby also claims is the largest twin-screw system of crankshaft induced excellence for the 5.4L Triton Modular Ford V8.

Shelby also added that the system is a direct bolt-on—something that Ford Mustang owners and modders have been able to enjoy for decades and is even cross-compatible with most other Ford V8s to an extent.

In addition to the extra boost, the supercharger kit also lowers discharger temperatures and parasitic power loss. When properly tuned that monster supercharger delivers 17 psi of boost when tuned to the right specs.

Also helping to keep things cool are a series of apparatuses such as a Competition Heat Exchanger—which is a system composed of two 11-inch fans that centralize airflow around the supercharger’s core. The heat exchanger handles the higher heat produced by the larger supercharger and aiding in that is the Competition Intercooler Tank that can be filled with ice or dry ice to reduce intake temperatures and reduce the risk of heat soak.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: MotorTrend