Michigan design student dreams up his own Ford Taurus Sedan

Even though the Ford Taurus sedan is just about in the middle of its current generation, a design student decided to take the model on as the muse for one of his projects.

Twenty-two year old Tyler Bame is the automotive design student at Lawrence Tech in Michigan who crafted the renderings of what he sees as the next redesign for the Ford Taurus model.

The Taurus actually started out as an Audi, but as Bane tells it on his website, the model ended up as you see it, what he refers to as an ‘Audi fighter’. It features a pronounced front end and sleek lines, particularly on the profile.

Student or not, Bame certainly has a good eye as the renderings produced here are nothing to be overlooked.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Tyler Bame (via CarScoop)